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We all have someone in our lives who has touched our hearts because of what they have done in the martial arts and the martial arts community, please take a moment to nominate them to the NBK Black Belt Hall of Fame. Submit their name along with a summary on this person and why you believe they should be nominated. If they are inducted, we will need a photo of them from you as well. We would like to recognize them for the impact that they have had on our lives directly and the many lives they have touched worldly. The New Born Kings would like to thank you for the nominees of you’re choice! We honor and salute these nominees for the kings and queens they have crowned by setting the standards of what great martial artists represent. God bless you always – NBK

 Tom Callos: The NBK Hall of Famer’s video response & acceptance:

Our current NBK Black Belt Hall of Fame members:

  • *GM Alexander Archie – Father and Grand Master of many martial arts systems
  •  *Master Ross Briggs – Goju Shorei 5th Degree
  • *Jose Bueno – Founder of Progressive Systems
    *Tom Callos – Founder of the Ultimate Black Belt Test
  • *GM Toby Cooling – Head of Order of Isshinryu
  •   *Prof. Ken Eddy – Mainland head of American Jujitsu Institute
  •    *Don Evans – Head of NV Karate Assoc. & Shotokan stylist
    *Master Gary Friederich (1941-2008) – Shotokan stylist
  •    *GM Lou Grasso – First Tae Kwon Do school in the area
  •  *Mark Lord – Long time Tai Chi Instructor
    *GM Stanford McNeal, Sr. Ph D/Soke – Founder of Kifaru Jitsu
     *Master Dave McNeil – Founder of Goju-Shorei Weapons System
  • *GM Steve Sanders – Founder of the BKF
    *GM Mark Shuey – Founder of Cane Masters
     *Master Mikeal Smith – Chief Instructor for the American Tang Soo Do Alliance
    *Jack Turrentine – Expert Judo Practitioner
    *Sifu Charles Valentine – Chinese Kempo stylist
       *Master Joey Walker – Kifaru Jitsu 9th Degree
    *GM Bishop Donnie Williams – Co Founder of the BKF

    These nominee’s have been inducted to the NBK Hall of Fame, present or not present October 17th, 2010. 

Please send nominations by email, fax or mail to:

Email*[email protected]

Fax* (775) 827-8182

Mail* New Born KingsP.O. Box 50785

Sparks, NV 89435

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