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March 26, 2011

Avatar: Battle of Air

Winners of this tournament will claim the AIR element title and be eligible to compete to be named Avatar: Master of all Elements during our night show tournament on October 15th, 2011.

Galena High School: 3600 Butch Cassidy Dr.Registration Begins: 8:00amDoors Open: 9:00amOpening Ceremonies Begin: 10:00amTeam Registration & School Registration Available.Participants may register for one or more events. Once pre-registration is closed online, you will still be able to register the DAY OF tournament with cash or money order ONLY!Best of luck!


Kumite (Point & Team Sparring)Continuous Point SparringKata/Forms(Traditional, Open & Weapons)Goju Shorei Weapons & Cane SparringTai ChiMasters/Grandmaster Black Belt-KataMasters/Grandmasters Black Belt- Kumite (Sparring)Sport JujitsuGrapplingSubmission WrestlingBoxing

Now Introducing: Sport MMA (17 & Under)

More information will be posted shortly.

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