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September 7th, 2013

Avatar: Battle of the Elements

~This tournament will continue its proud traditions as the Silver State National in 2014! Look forward to the great competition this year and prepare yourself for going to the next level in the 2014 year! New Born Kings is proud to present

Avatar: Battle of the Elements
The National Championships!

Grand Sierra Resort & Casino inside the Silver State Pavillion!
Reno, NV

Tournament Promoter: Larry Hall

This is an NBL Regional Tournamnet and a Last chance qualifier for supergrands!
click to view point valuesNBK  National Tournament

Location: Grand Sierra Resort & Casino!Registration Begins: 8:00amDoors Open: 9:00am

Opening Ceremonies Begin: 10:00am

Team Registration & School Registration Available.
Participants may register for one or more events.

Once pre-registration is closed online, you will still be able to register the DAY OF tournament with cash or money order ONLY!Best of luck!

EVENT INCLUDES:Kumite (Point & Team Sparring)Continuous Point SparringKata/Forms(Traditional, Open & Weapons)Goju Shorei Weapons & Cane SparringBJJ (Gi Grappling)Sport JujitsuGrapplingSubmission Wrestling (No-Gi)Black Belt Only divisions


Tournament Sanctioned By:

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