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NBK Certified Sparring Rules

Conduct – Competitors must display good sportsmanship at all times. Competitors must demonstrate good attitudes and respect toward the officials and other competitors. No abusive or foul language will be permitted. Failure to follow the rules will result in expulsion from the event with no refunds.
Integrity of NBK Rules – All competitors must respect the integrity of the rules, if a rule is abused penalties or a disqualification may be enforced.
Late Entries – Once a division has started, No additional competitors may be added.
Coaching – Allowed from coaches chair. Coaches must be silent and respectful toward judges while judges are making a call.
Time Out – A competitor or coach can call one (1) time out per match for up to ten (10) seconds when the match breaks. During an injury time out the competitor who is not injured must turn around and take a knee.
Equipment –Head gear, hand gear, foot gear, groin guard and mouth guard. No jewelry. Face mask or chest guard is optional. Groin guards can not be worn outside the uniform. Foot gear must not have sole’s; bottom of foot must be exposed.

– One (1) point will be awarded for hand or leg techniques. Two (2) points awarded for head and spinning kick techniques. Three (3) points awarded for spinning head kicks and spinning areal kicks. Kicks are only one point when opponent is downed.Winner is declared by reaching a (10) point spread, or the competitor with the most points when time expires. Rounds – One two (2) minute round. In the event of a tie at the end of the allotted time, the first to score a point will be declared the winner.
Grand Championship – Between 1st place winners of adult Black Belt events, awarded to the accumulative point leader after one (1) three (3) minute round.
Illegal Techniques – No groin strikes, elbows, head butts, knees, blind techniques, or finger techniques.
Illegal Contact – Leg Joints, Spine, Throat, Groin, Top & Back of Head.
Legal Contact – Head contact, torso contact, kidneys.
Sweeps – Sweeps are legal, but must be supported. Both competitors have three (3) seconds to score once a person lands on the ground. Any contact to the head of a downed opponent is illegal and determined by the center referee.
Cliff Rule – If a competitor steps on or outside of the boundary line they are immediately out-of-bounds and ineligible to score. The in-bounds competitor can still score on an out-of-bounds competitor if the center referee has not called a stop to the exchange. A competitor may re-establish themselves in-bounds after stepping back into the ring for a count of three (3) seconds after which they will be able to score, during that time they are still able to be scored upon by the in-bounds competitor.
Cliff Rule Delay: If a competitor is out of the ring for three (3) seconds the center referee must call a break and re-set competitors.
Blood Rule – If blood is drawn immediately after the penalty call is made, the fighter who made the contact is disqualified. However, if the match resumes and then blood starts to show after the next call is made, the fighter who made the contact Can Not be disqualified. In case of an Equal Clash, where two fighters may collide with equal contact, no disqualification is given if blood is drawn.
Penalties –
Attacking illegal and non-target areas
– Running out of the ring to avoid fighting
– Continuing after being ordered to stop
– Blind, negligent or reckless attacks
-Unsportsmanlike conduct

NBK Certified Continuous Sparring Rules

Teams – Tag-Team 3 person teams, Male and Female teams.  If you do not have a team just register on line and we will place you on a team.  If you have a team register on-line one at a time, and bring you team to the check in table.
Individual – Singular Division for 1 on 1 continuous sparring.
Equiptment – Same as Point Sparring – Face Protector must also be worn. If competitor does not have one, one will be supplied
Rounds – 2 rounds, 1:30minutes each. All competitors must fight, if a team mate has no time, they must begin the second round fighting.
Judges – Judges will have score clickers and will add up points according to scoring zones.
Winner – Determened by the accumulation of points.

Consult Point Sparring Rules to see all other rules that apply.


NBK Certified Adopted Flag Sparring Rules

Objective – Each player has flags attached to their waist. The player can maneuver how ever they can to avoid having their flags removed and pull their opponents.
Striking – No striking allowed and player must stay in the ring area.
– Player must have headgear.
Rounds – One 2 minute round.
Judges – Judges will have a count of how many times a players flag has been pulled.
Winner – Determined by the person who pulls their opponents flags the most in 2 minutes.


NBK Certified Kata Rules

Uniform – Player must wear a traditional or sport karate uniform with no foul language on it. T-shirts as part of a school uniform are allowed in Chinese divisions only.
Kata Introductions – Kata introductions are allowed but not manditory.
Music – All competitors are responsible for their own music and music player. (Battery only, no extension cords.) Music boxes must be placed out of the ring. Speakers must be placed facing away from other rings.
Ties – The competitors who tie will perform a second time. The competitor can perform the same form or use a different one.
Weapons – Weapons may not be thrown. If a weapon is going to leave a competitors hand they must report to the center judge before the division begins so they can deem it safe or unsafe. Competitor should be ready to perform another form if first form is deemed unsafe.
Weapon Inspections – All weapon inspections will be conducted prior to the division starting by the center judge.
Time Limit – Up to three (3) minutes is allowed from the time the player enters the ring to perform their kata.
Restarts – No penalties will be subtracted for the first restart during a form. No second restarts are allowed.
Scoring –
All Kata Divisions
Novice – Advanced –    8.0 – 9.0
Black Belt –                     9.0 – 10.0

Promoter reserves the right to make changes for safety and attendance.

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